As He Followed Her Home

The shy screams kept the streets mildly awake but no one came to help. There is no such thing as civil rescue. The innocent bystander doesn’t help, just stands by.
‘She lost her shoe as she tried to run away’ they say. But nobody chased those feet, they just watched the shoe fall.

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The Church of the Holy Innocents

The air in the yard was grey with dust and the grass was dying from the soil that lay beneath.
I walked through and felt calm enough, not too worried about my surroundings. I’m never too worried about my surroundings, half oblivious and half ignorant.
The birds flew by without me noticing, Anna noting the breed of each bird, me nodding without a sound.
The lake was full of herons and mallards with their chicks,
but the air in the yard was still grey with dust.

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Take ONE tablet THREE times a day for 5 days, return any leftover medicine to a pharmacy.
WARNING. Avoid alcoholic drink.
Take at regular intervals. Complete the prescribed course unless otherwise directed.
To be swallowed whole, not chewed.
To be taken with or after food.
Take with plenty of water.

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Sat in the waiting room of a free dental surgery for 4 hours first thing on a Tuesday morning. X-rays and an impacted wisdom tooth. Boredom.

But it is on the 23rd floor so it has got a good view.

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